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Why is my website not working?

Why am I on page 10 of Google?

What am I doing wrong?

For help with the answers to the above please use our free online tool, a website checker, to carry out a website analysis for you.

Website Checker

As part of the software I use to manage the SEO on my client’s websites, I have an SEO audit reporting tool that will analyze your homepage. This is a completely free tool for you to use and can be found at the top of this page (Big RED Button ^^^).

I’ve written a guide to help you get the best from the website checker. Have a read through this and then click on the big red button, fill out a few questions and our SEO software will go off and scan your website’s performance and come back with a score as to how fully optimised for SEO your website is. Best of all, it’s FREE…

Complete the questions on the checker tool pop up – A few handy tips:

URL of your site – Your websites domain address i.e. www.webseoassist.co.uk

Email address to send the SEO audit report to – the report is generated as an email and sent to you.

Your name – pretty self-explanatory

Additional contact information (optional) – any other means of contacting you.

Tick the tick box I agree to submit this personal data for further storage and processing. – I need to ask this re GDPR and data storage – I obviously need some info from you to carry out the SEO checks.

and click next….

Another pop-up box then appears asking the following:

To get a detailed report, please specify the keywords you want your home page to be optimized for.

Type-in or select suggested keywords (2 max): Click on the plus sign to add your own. Sometimes, it does suggest ideas, though they can be a little off.

What is a keyword?

A keyword would basically be what you would expect someone searching for your business or service would type into Google to try to find your website i.e. what you do and whereabouts you do it – e.g. Painter and Decorator, Oxford.

Try and think about how you would find your business using Google. It depends on what you do, but most small businesses tend to operate in a specific area, so look at what you do and then the town you live in, a nearby city or the county. People don’t generally just search for Painter and Decorator, they tend to put an area as well. If you lived in Brighton, you probably wouldn’t want a Painter and Decorator to come down from Glasgow as the travel would cost you a fortune!

Click the blue send me the report tab.

In a little while, you’ll receive an email with your website check report attached.

The website analysis report that comes through is very detailed and if you have any questions about it, then please get in contact.

The main point is the Site Performance score percentage that it gives you and it then goes on to break down the various sections it looked at to get that score.

The report covers the following areas (giving quite detailed information):

  • Best performers for your keywords in search results
  • Site visitors (traffic)
  • Popularity on social media
  • SEO factors that influence site visibility on search engines
  • Site usability issues
  • Technical issues on your site
  • Site rankings in search engines
  • Toxic links pointing to your site
  • Compliance with Google requirements

At the very bottom of the free website checker report is a tab to get in touch with me to discuss the report’s findings and what we can do about them.

I will usually follow up by dropping you an email to ask if you’d like to discuss the report or if there is anything I can do to help with your website. I’m not going to “badger” you – if you don’t want my help, you don’t want my help.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Online success is linked to search engines. When someone types in a relative search term into a search engine, such as Google, you want your website to feature in the results (SERPS).

Google’s job is to provide the best match to a given search term. It uses various algorithms to do this, looking at the website source code. It then ranks websites in the order it considers best fits the search term.

You want your potential clients to have the best online experience when visiting your website – We can help you with this.

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