Dawn-Marie's Teas Website Page

Dawn Marie’s Teas – Tea shop demo


This is a website built on the Divi theme template.

Brief – This is purely a demonstration site, all of the information is fictitious.
It’s a good example of a single page site that suits perfectly a small café or any small business that targets avery specific set of keywords i.e. one location and one main type of service. It could easily be adapted or expanded at a later date to include more pages styled in a similar way to keep consistency.
It was built using a layout with considerable adaptation for viewing on mobiles and tablets. If you compare the site viewing on a desktop to a mobile or tablet device, the layout is quite different. The logo was restyled in Photoshop and the text was created by us.

The budget was £500.

This could be used as one of our “Website in a Box” designs.

The website also has several plugins installed to facilitate monitoring of visitor stats and to optimise the website for SEO. Email addresses could also created for key staff.