Gary Evans Weddings

Hampshire based Multi Award Winning Wedding DJ, Master of Ceremonies

The above link will take you to the actual website.

A multi-page website, built on the Divi theme template for a Wedding DJ.

Brief – To create a multi-page website to replace their old website. Featuring large images and to reflect his fun wedding style.

Budget = £1,500

This website uses the 1st five menu tabs to take you down the page to the various sections. The sections themselves haven’t really got enough content to make them into seperate pages and this was the best solution. Side, back to top tabs allow the user to quickly get back to the menu to look at other sections.

The website features a live Google Testimonial, Facebook Review and Instagram feed to keep content fresh and up to date.

The last four menu tabs are all to individual pages.

A website with a huge amount of information in a beautiful layout.