screen shot of Paphos Photo Booth's home page

Paphos Photo Booth – Photo booth company based in Cyprus

The above link will take you to the actual website.

Brief – To create a one-page website suitable for a new business venture. Budget = £750.

This project uses a child theme and many features including multiple sections.

Starting at the top:

  • Logo that overlaps the menu bars and partially onto the main image.
  • The top menu bar has a click to dial phone number and a click to email address. Along with social media icons.
  • The menu links to specific sections further down the page so users can either scroll or just click to get instantly to the part that interest them. Each section once clicked to, also has a back to top blue arrow link on the right-hand side.
  • Large main image with the name and a brief description of what the site is about along with a Come In And Look Around button.
  • Bouncing down arrow to alert users to more content.
  • This site also has an online chat plugin installed so that users can ask any quick questions they may have (this does slow down the site loading time though).
  • The website also has an exit plugin. If the user moves their mouse to be anywhere outside the screen a pop-up box appears offering them a freebie.
  • There are two full-width header blocks to encourage visitors to look further.
  • A video. Edited from an original provided to better suit the page it’s located on, remove manufacturers information and insert Paphos Photo Booth branding.
  • The main blocks of text feature clear, easy to read text with an accent coloured subheader. Set out as Why? What? Who?
  • A large image sits between the text blocks. With four mini images below.
  • A How To Book button to take users down to the booking section if desired.
  • Header with three, framed images to look like photos.
  • Scrolling testimonials.
  • Pricing table (this can be up to three different sections). With what’s included as well as what are optional extras. With a contact us link button underneath.
  • A simple availability checker (works by manually indicating booked dates from the WordPress Dashboard). Set on a large background image. With a text overlay explaining how to book.
  • Contact Us form. Adapted with two drop-down fields and a voucher code input. This contact form also features an autoresponder to let the enquirer know their enquiry was sent. Also stores enquiries within WordPress dashboard for retrieval.
  • A map to show potential visitors where you are.
  • The footer area is divided into four and features the companies logo, a list of facilities, contact information and office hours.
  • The lower footer features social media links.