Web Design Abingdon – One page web designers site


This is a website built on the Divi theme template.

Brief – This is a good example of a single page or landing page site. This type of site/page is used as the target page for an advertising campaign on something like Google Ads or Facebook. The idea being that after seeing your ad the potential client clicks through and lands on this specific page which can be heavily optimised for very specific keywords, in this case web design Abingdon. It’s also a standalone page so features a small amount of information regarding a given product or service and encourages the potential client to click through to either make an enquiry or get in contact, or, if they’re not quite ready, to click through to your main website for further information.
It’s a useful tool for any small business.

It was built using a child theme with lot’s of “back end” tools to help with Google rankings and to promote optimised results.

The budget was £500.

The website also has several plugins installed to facilitate monitoring of visitor stats and to optimise the website for SEO. Specific email addresses could also created for key staff.