Your Websites Health and Wellbeing - Maintenance and Monitoring

Unfortunately, just having a website isn’t enough. A bit like your car, it needs maintaining…
Web Design Abingdon - Constructing a new website

Websites should be developed over time

We build websites using WordPress, a CMS (Content Management System) used globally on 34% of all websites (that’s a lot of websites!).

Websites can be left alone, but like a small child, they’re better if they are nurtured to help them develop to their full potential. With our websites, you can either do this yourself (you have full access to your website, the same as we do) or, you can rely on our years of experience to carry this out for you.

Servicing and Maintaining your Website

Maintenance and Support Packages.


All maintenance and support packages involve the installation of software to enable monitoring.

Let’s just look at a few of the things that affect the health and wellbeing of your website:

  • Updates to WordPress
    This includes the theme being used as well as any plugins used for functionality. On average, this amounts to 30 to 50 updates per month.
  • Security
    For some reason, best known to themselves, there are people out there who love nothing better than trying to hack other peoples websites! We install and configure security plugins on all of the websites we build to make them as secure as possible, but they need adjustments over time and particularly in sustained attacks. If this isn’t done, your website will slow down and eventually crash due to the load.
  • Page Speed
    Websites slow down over time and need monitoring and tweaking to keep them in tip-top condition, just like a car.
  • Backups
    Absolutely essential in case of disaster. With all of the updates to the software that make your website work, eventually, one of them will cause a conflict of some kind. If this creates a fatal error, then your website won’t work. If that happens, the fastest fix is to install a recent backup.
  • Analytics
    How do you know how well your website works? If you don’t have/use/understand analytical software, then you won’t know how effective your website is!  You need analytical reports showing things like the number of visitors to the website, what they look at and what they do, tracking right the way through to the completion of an enquiry. Without these, you’re at best guessing. Without these, you can’t improve the website over time.
  • Uptime Monitoring
    Unless you’re going to keep clicking on your own website to check it’s there or rely on clients getting in touch to tell you something’s wrong, you need some form of uptime monitoring. That way issues are often fixed before anyone notices.
  • Google Ranking
    Everyone wants to be No.1 on Google, but it tends to be a slow progressive process and you want to be sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  • Hosting
    Where your website and possibly emails live. I don’t think I need to say, but this needs to be secure, reliable and fit for purpose. Our hosting is all of these things.
Web Development Oxford - Backups are essential
  • Back ups – The most important thing you can do for your website is to back it up.
    Depending on whether you have chosen Basic or Best, we will install and configure a system to carry out weekly or monthly full backups of your website. We will then store the most recent full backup separately to where your website is hosted.
    So, If for some reason something happened to your website, we will have up to date backups of your site which can be installed, keeping your “downtime” to a minimum. Web Development Oxford.
Website Updates - keyboard with green update key
  • Updates –  WordPress is continually improving and, as one of the most popular website platforms, is, unfortunately, a target for hackers. Therefore WordPress is constantly evolving and regularly releases updates. These need to be checked for compatibility and installed.
    All updates to software, themes and plug-ins will be carried out on your behalf. As we work designing websites we often come across new plug-ins etc. that we feel would benefit other websites. We would recommend these to you and ask if you’d like to have them installed on to your site as part of your monthly maintenance and support package. Web Development Oxford.
Website Updates - Time code on screen
  • Uptime Monitoring –  24/7, 365 days a year site uptime monitoring at 15-minute intervals. I will know within 15 minutes if your website is offline for some reason, meaning I can normally have it fixed before you even notice!
Google Analytics Reporting - Magnifying glass with words web analytics in green in the middle
  • Analytics/Ranking – Used to confirm the improvements made to your website.
    As part of the Best level package, you get a basic weekly report, plus a much more detailed monthly report, looking at multiple key areas for your website. Including information about users (locations and sources), optimisation (both mobile and desktop), rank tracking, backlinks, keywords, page speed, social media activity, competitor analysis and more. The monthly report also summarises the health of your website, areas that have improved and those that still need improvement. Useful information for any website owner!
    As well as all that, we also keep an eye on your Google ranking for your keywords, monitoring how your website is performing against the competition. That way we can advise on ways to improve your ranking. Web Development Oxford.
Developing your website further - Green page with various words/images related to web design
  • Additional Development – With the Best package we include 60 minutes per month (or you can purchase more time if you think you need it) to carry out updates to your site. For example;

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Development

Tweaking text to improve conversion and ranking.

Re-sizing/optimising and tagging images, then uploading them for you.

Working with rough blog drafts from you, tidying them up and publishing in a format that works for both your customers and SEO.

But, this needs your input too. We can encourage you to write blogs about relevant things in your industry. We can then hone your rough content into an article that works for both readers and Google. We can also supply a higher level service, where we can write blog content from scratch for you and post and link to social media. Web Development Oxford.

Web Hosting on our server - Picture of a web server
  • Web Hosting – Think of hosting as like a big filing cabinet, where your web pages are stored. Then, when someone searches for a term that your website is aimed at, that page is put forward for them to see.
    We will host your new website on our UK based server for your first year. After this, we are more than happy to continue hosting your site on our server for as long as you need us, currently at £80pa.

These are our standard packages, but if you feel you’d like something a little different… maybe help with writing regular blog post, more development time or something else, then just let us know and we’ll put together something just for you.

We’d love to take your website under our wing to work with you

to develop it to its full potential and to protect it

from the “nasties” of the internet.

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