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Let’s Talk Websites…

This week I want to take another look at blog posts. You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a little while… well, that was all part of a little experiment.

My last blog post was on 25th January and by monitoring my SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Placement) with some tracking software, I can see that my ranking, for my main search term, has dropped by 15 places since that time (about a month). That’s right, a 15 place drop in Google ranking, just because I haven’t been blogging! Wow!

So what’s going on?

The ranking didn’t really change until just over a week after I stopped blogging. It dropped a few points, then recovered slightly, then went down again. It did this a few times until 20 days had passed, then it dropped steadily over the next 10 or so days.

Did anything else change?

No, I just stopped blogging as part of an experiment. I knew that blogging regularly helped Google rankings and I’d suspected for a while that stopping blogging would then lead to a decrease in rank. But I wanted to know how far and how quickly a drop.

I’ve noticed it with a few other sites that I manage as well. When they blog, there is a noticeable spike in visitors to the website for a couple of days and then it subsides. If they blog a couple of times and then stop for a while, I can generally see their ranking decrease.

But wait… “My friend doesn’t blog and his website stays about the same rank always…” lucky for your friend, but perhaps their rank would actually improve if they blogged…

I know that sometimes you just feel that your talking to yourself in blogging and that no one reads your blog posts, but people do read them (even if they don’t respond) and with a good blogging strategy, you can help your target audience and also target lots of different keywords.


You need to blog and you need to do it regularly. How often is regularly? I’d suggest once a fortnight as a minimum, but keep an eye on your rankings and see if they change. Just do it, get those blog posts out there… you know it makes sense.

See my other blog post on why you should blog here:


One of the services I offer to my clients is done for you blogging or helping re-structure rough blog posts into a post that works for potential clients as well as SEO, so you can get on and do what you do in business.

Well, that’s it until next week.

If you have anything you’d like me to explain in a blog, drop me an email.

Best wishes

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