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Let’s Talk Websites…

What we need to create your website

You’ve booked us to build you a new website, we’ve talked through what you do and it’s all very exciting… But, you’ve been asked to give us some text on what you do and the advantages to your potential clients, along with some images… it’s a bit of an excitement killer.
Sitting, looking at a blank sheet of A4 trying to force ideas is really hard!

Let’s start by looking at why you’ve been asked to do this…

Although we will have discussed this, we often find that it’s quite often the first time that you’ve been asked to look inwards at your business. You are the best person to explain about your business, who your potential clients are and what you’re hoping to achieve. Yes, we can guess and provide a generic website, but it won’t reflect you and your business.

Let me give you an example…

Clare wants a website for her brand new cake making business… The website needs to reflect a few things:

  1. Whereabouts is Clare? (she probably doesn’t want enquiries outside of her local area)
  2. She makes cakes… but chances are she specialises in a particular type of cake – birthday, wedding… you get the idea?
  3. Lots of people bake cakes… what makes Clare’s cakes special? Why would I want one?
  4. Size of the business… if it’s just Clare on her own, then she doesn’t want enquiries for hundreds of cakes a week, she’ll just get overloaded.
  5. How do people want to get in touch with Clare? Clare probably doesn’t want people phoning her, she’d rather have them complete a contact form or drop her an email. We can use a fun phrase above the contact form saying something like “Please use my contact form to make an enquiry. Chances are, I’m up to my elbows in cake mix at the moment and answering the phone will be difficult”.

Try and break the task down into small chunks and work your way through each one, not necessarily in turn. The most important details are what makes you different and why they would want what you’re offering.


Choosing images to use on your website can be hard work… let’s go through a few things.

  1. Ideally, you need original images. Stock images can be used, but tend to be generic. oh, and a picture of you really helps – people like to buy from people, not faceless companies.
  2. It’s up to you to get permission to use any images. Be especially careful if your images show people’s faces.
  3. The images need to be in focus, well lit, have no heavy colour casts, a good size and show your best work.
  4. Please don’t send us 100s of images! It takes a lot of time to go through your images trying to find the best. That’s time that isn’t being spent on your website.
  5. Before and after photos are great as they help potential clients see the transformation your work makes.

I’ve written another blog post about images on your website here:


Have a read through that and it’ll give you some more information to help you.

It’s almost impossible to get a website “right” the first time. It’s much better to get “something” out there and then work on it over time to fine-tune it. No one will see your website if it’s not live!

If you’re struggling or not sure about something, please ask! I’m here to help you and together, we’ll create a fantastic website for you.

Best wishes

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