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It seems so easy doesn’t it “Businesses like yours have reached 29,346 people by boosting their posts. Boost yours for only £5 a day”. It’s got to be the answer, £5 to get in front of just over 29 thousand people… But is it?

I’ve done some learning (I even got a certificate) and experimenting with Facebook pay per click advertising over the Christmas period and found some very interesting stuff. But, I’ll save that for maybe another post.

The one thing that I’d consider to be the most important with pay per click advertising, is to monitor your results. You’ve set up that Facebook Pixel (or maybe you haven’t?), you’ve carefully designed your ad, set your target audience and you’re paying your money. But is it working?

You really must be split testing your ads. You know the sort of thing, ad A vs ad B. Ad A having a different image, or different text to Ad B. If not, how do you know if your ad could be better? You should be tweaking your ads and monitoring the difference each tweak makes. Does the tweak decrease clicks but increase actual enquiries?

Did you set goals within the Facebook ad manager? Are you aiming for reach, engagement, leads, conversions or something else?

The sensible thing to do would be to also keep an eye on your website stats (assuming that’s where you’re driving those clicking on your ad). Or, if you have a managed website, ask for some stats on what’s going on, or better still, arrange a quick chat about it.

If you are going to pay for a whole bunch of people to land on your website, wouldn’t it make sense to see what they do once they get there? You can use this as an opportunity to test your website. Ultimately, you want people to actually get in contact with you, to find out more about what you do or sell. So, if you tweaked your website a little by say, adding in a new call to action or a new link to a specific page and that resulted in more people filling out your contact form… then that’s great!

One thing I have noticed, not just from my experiments, but also from the websites I monitor, single clicks of less than 3 seconds are very, very common when people are using PPC. So? That’s going to push your Bounce Rate (people landing on your website and then clicking away almost immediately) up and Google doesn’t like high bounce rates. It suggests that people aren’t finding what they thought they’d find. Another good reason to monitor things and look to improve.

Hopefully, if you read through the above, you will have picked up that monitoring is the key. Don’t just throw your money away and actually make things worse.

Well, that’s it until next week.

If you have anything you’d like me to explain in a blog, drop me an email.

Best wishes

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