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“Do you have a blog on your website? If not, why not?

A decent blog WILL increase traffic to your website and therefore increase revenue. A pretty bold statement, but, it’s true, I’ve seen it many times. But what makes a decent blog?
A blog is a great way of updating your website without having to go into the main content and changing things. It can be used to help your clients by hosting articles that genuinely help them in some way. Free advice, like you’d give to a friend about how to do something. Don’t make it all about selling, no one wants to read that.

Try and keep it concise, to the point aiming for around 300 to 500 words (ish). You can always split longer blogs into a series to be released over a few weeks rather than one huge post.

Make sure you use images that reflect what you’re saying in the text. The main image is set using the featured image tab (bottom right corner). You can add more images, videos all sorts of modules to make your blog post more interesting.

A blog can portray you as an expert. If you have lots of blog posts helping people and explaining a bit more about what you do. People naturally assume you know what you’re talking about.

You can use your blog to tell clients about any sales, specials or new lines you have coming up.

You can also use a blog to review and talk about things you have done in the past, to help out other clients.

Your blog posts need to have titles that encourage people to read them! “The 6 x 4 cardboard box” is hardly an inspiring title to any blog, but “The answer to your packaging woes – the 6 x 4 cardboard box” may be better.

Google LOVES new content and a blog is a great way to satisfy that need. Don’t go writing loads of keyword dense stuff. Think about who will be reading what you write, your audience and write so they understand.

You need to post new content to your blog at least once a fortnight (ideally once a week). If you can’t commit to that, it’s probably not worth starting in the first place. So many people start a blog and write a couple of times a week for the first week or so, then it gradually stops and there’s nothing worse than a blog with the last post from 2003!

It makes sense to blog on a set day and time, that way your followers know when to “tune in” for the next instalment. You can set blogs to post new content on pre-set days and times, so you don’t have to write every week. You can write a few posts and save them up.

Consider asking other suppliers you know to write guest blogs on what they do and what makes them unique, again, helpful, not “salesy”.

Don’t forget when you do blog, to make sure you post links on social media saying something like “hey, look at the new thing I wrote”, so people know it’s there. Make sure you write something that attracts people to click through.

We offer a blog writing service. If you would like to know more about this (or anything else we do) then please get in touch. Contact Page

Well, that’s it until next week.

If you have anything you’d like me to explain in a blog, drop me an email.

Best wishes

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